Precaution: We Titi Glove Sdn. Bhd. warrant that we are sole and exclusive owner of the trademark for “A1 Glove” and “Titi Glove” and have the right to institute and prosecute any and all suits against infringer.
Titi Rubber Co. Ltd and I Glove is not our subsidiaries company in China or under Titi Group of companies and the company had infringed our copyright work, company information and photo. We are now in the midst of legal proceeding against them.
Any violation of transaction with this company will not be under our responsibility.

注意事项:Titi 手套有限公司在此声明公告,我司是唯一拥有“A1 Glove” 及“Titi Glove” 的商标拥有者和专用权,并有权起诉任何公司和一切有关侵权我司产品商标。东莞知知橡胶有限公司及I Glove 并不是我司在中国或知知集团属下组织的附属公司,该公司在中国已侵犯及导用我司的商标专权公司资料及产品图片, 我司正在向对方采取下一部法律行动。如某人或公司与该公司有任何手套业务和交易而造成任何损失后果自负。

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